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VÄV2021 moved to 2022

News! VÄV 2021 will be VÄV 2022!

VÄV 2021 will be held September 22-24, 2022 in Halmstad, a nice city on the Swedish west coast between Malmö and Göteborg. Easy to reach with fast trains from Copenhagen/Malmö or Göteborg.

VÄV #3/2020

VÄV #3 is printed and will be sent Thursday or Friday, September 3 or 4. The website will soon be updated with then new issue, but meantime, when starting a subscription, choose “next issue” if you want to start with issue #3.
Subscribers can now read the new issue on our site vavmagasinet.prenly.com

VÄV – Archive

We are opening a digital archive open for all subscribers. More info, go to the menu VÄV-Archive!