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A visit to a wonderful weaver

We have had a nice autumn day with Kirstine Packalén in Aneby, Småland, Sweden.

A tip!

If you have a lot of samples from a workshop dyeing yarn, do as Kirstine,

make a rya with a diagonal of each colour.

Leave a space = one knot in a diagonal to make the pattern.




Or weave with chenille…

In the next issue 4/14 of Vävmagasinet we show you how.





The last picture shows the rölakan rug Kirstine wove to Säby Kyrka, Tranås.


Thank you Kirstine for a lovely day!

We wich you all a nice “weaving weekend”.

Tina Ignell


Friday news from Scandinavian Weaving Magzine; Textile shows at Virserum’s art hall in Småland.

Until September 14 you can se Best in Sweden at Virserums Art Hall in Virserum, Småland, Sweden.


And the show showing some very interesting Textile art, in the same building, one floor above.

Eleonor Frankenberg, shows a way to create a colour- in-weave.

Below, Klara Neros recycling dress, Twistin’s weave with natural materials in weft and an knitted woman with child by Sandra Magnusson.textilsommar_MG_2626                 textilsommar_MG_2630   textilsommar_MG_2633 textilsommar_MG_2634

Heavenly beauty, Himmelskt vackert, at Klostret in Ystad

It is colourful and beautiful and very very rich – the exhibition with woven treasurs from Skåne.

Here is a gallery of pictures.

The techniques are:



Rosepath, Rosengång


Dukagång what we call a Blådrätt Blå is for Blue since the weft is dyed blue. This one is woven by Hanna Larsdotter year 1767.


A book about the exhibition is now availible. Just contact: www.ystad.se/klostret


If you like to read more about Textiles in Skåne, Vävmagasinet number 2 2013 is a theme with a lot of articles and projects.


To all our subscribers and to all of you who are waiting to join us. A new issue is out now!