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Content in 2022-4

7 Väv 2022 in Halmstad
10 Contemporary Work Nestling in a World Heritage Setting
12 Talking About Weaving
16 Rigid Heddles from The Roman and Middles Ages in The North
20 Weaving Small – a World of Delicate Stitches
26 A 19th Century Damask Loom
28 The Arrival of The Jacquard Machine in Sweden
30 Memories of a Weave
32 The Busserull or Norwegian Work Shirt
34 Margrethe Hald and Ancient Looms
36 Women’s Attire in The Viking Age

Regular Features
5 Editorial
6 Textile News
58 Calendar
59 Read
64 Bookshelf
65 Orders
66 Next Issue

Weave a RIbbon in a Rigid Heddle
Carve a Rigid Heddle
Ready, Set, Weave – Klara a Beginner Shawl
Women’s Clothing `a la Viking Age
Light Play with White Lines and Green Satin
Soft as Moss
For Rest and A Warm Feeling
Towel with Woven Sashiko Stiches
Checked Towel in Double Weave
Shawl in Rosette Weave
Towel with Spots
For Small Things

Talking about weaving

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