Nr 3-2023

A correction in the threading sequence; the repeat, on page 44.
(The warp sequence is correct, and the page is changed in our digital archive.)

see pdf.

Nr 4-2019
A correction in the weft sequence on page 44.
see pdf.

Nr 1-2015

The weft for the blanket on page 50 in VÄV nr 1/2015, is counted/meter, for the whole blanket of 2 meter you will need ca 100 g blue and 400 g vhite yarn.

The warp required for the rug on page 46 is less than what is written in the project: It should be 360 g for the whole rug (180 g/colour)

Correction in the pedal tie-up for the Scarf on page 56, see pdf.

Correction in the sleying draft for the Repp on page 48.
Here you have two alternatives, sleying with one thread or with two threads. See article in VM #4/2012
One thread
Two threads

In issue #3/2010 there is a correction in how many times the threads are multiplied, see pdf.

In issue #3/2009 there is a fault on page 38, doublecloth, see drawing in the end, see pdf.

In issue #1/2009 there is a fault in the selvage sequence, see pdf.

In issue #2/2008 there is a fault in the number of ends on page 46. See picture.

In issue #3/2007 there is a fault in a warpsequence on page 42. Please take a look at this pdf.