VÄV – Archive

VÄV – Archive

We have now created a digital archive for VÄV / Scandinavian Weaving Magazine, available to all subscribers!

The archive will be gradually updated with all issues back to 2004 (#2/2006 in English). We have no copyright for the magazines before 2004, so they will not be included in the archive.
The archive is located at: vavmagasinet.prenly.com
Many readers have told us they would like to be able to search through earlier issues of VÄV and now this is possible! If you started subscribing in recent years, you will also have the benefit of access to previous issues. You can read the magazine on-screen and enlarge the pages.  In addition you can search for specific text, so for example “double weave” will show you  all the pages in every issue of VÄV where the phrase is found.
Only one login is approved for simultaneous use, so if you access the archive on your phone and then move to your computer/tablet, you will be logged off from the phone.
The archive is a service we offer at no extra cost, but it is important that it is not misused, hence the restriction to one user for each login. All material from VÄV is copyright protected, spreading the articles on internet or through other digital services is not allowed. We will continuously monitor the use of the digital archive to see how it does get used.  With this in mind, we are sure you understand that it is you, subscribers to VÄV, who make this service possible.

Here are the instructions on how to create your login.
You need to have access to your 6-digit customer number. It is usually printed on the plastic cover for the magazine or for issue #2, on the sheet of paper with your address.
More recently we have also used a 5-digit number when we send out renewal letters. It is your subscription number and cannot be used for the digital archive.

If you cannot find your customer number please ask us via email: info@vavmagasinet.se.

NOTE 1: If you are a new subscriber, or have renewed your subscription a little late, it may take a week or so before your customer number is registered / is in use again.

NOTE 2: We do not have any email addresses registered to our subscribers in this system, so the description below for “In the next step ….” will appear for all of you the first time

Register for your online account

How to activate your account and access the magazine:

Go to vavmagasinet.prenly.com, then click on “SIGN IN” to the right of the row at the top, or on the issue of the magazine you want to read. Both of these routes will take you to the login.

• Click on the “Create account” link.

• Fill in your e-mail address and password of choice, then click on the blue “Create account” button.
The password can be reset under “View profile” -> “Change Password” when logged in after your account has been activated.

• A green text informing you that an activation email has been sent will appear under the account creation button. Go to your email and check the inbox.
If you do not find the activation email in the inbox, it may have been filtered out and sent to junk mail or spam.

• Click the blue “Confirm account” button in the email.
If the email address entered was not previously registered when setting up your subscription, these steps will follow.

• In the next step, select “Connect account to subscription”. In the box under “Add subscription”, enter your customer number.

• Click on the “Register” button.

All done!  Now you can read the magazine on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Apart from scrolling, there is the added option of flipping pages online as for a regular magazine.