Arkiv: December 2014

Floating Threads from HV

The textile crafts and textile art needs to be seen!

It’s refreshing when it is done in new contexts.

Riche little bar in Stockholm shows between December 3 and January 17 an installation of textile art from HV;

Tapestries, photo collage of embroidery designed by Edna Martin, soaring turquoise takpällar” with a textile ornate maritime backdrop.

Opening evening to honor all got a nice box with a jellyfish embroidery with the admonition to embroider!

Best embroidery honored with an embroidery course at HV.

During the evening went embroidery around among the visitors.



hv-riche_MG_5197 hv-riche_MG_5213 hv-riche_MG_5203hv-riche_MG_5191 hv-riche_MG_5230 hv-riche_MG_5321